These Four Screenshots Capture the Essence of Master of Orion

Check out these community screenshots to see just what makes Master of Orion so special.

While Master of Orion may not be the most in-depth and complex 4X game out there, it still has a lot of positives going for it. In fact, the entire breadth of the game itself is a huge testament to how far we’ve come in the 4X genre. Master of Orion truly shows how much a series of this magnitude means to the fanbase. We’ve pulled together four screenshots from the Steam community which capture the essence of Master of Orion perfectly. Check them out below!

First up is a little screenshot we like to call ‘Balanced Aggression’. Captured by Steam user ValkyrieMoon, this image shows a user preparing to move in for the attack in the midst of a stalemate battle. Combat in Master of Orion is all about tactics and setting your ships up just right, and we love seeing players take such a strong approach to it. If you want to win, you’re going to have to think.

The second image in our showcase, which we’ve titled ‘Guardian’s Destruction’, is all about taking down the massive and all-powerful Guardian of Orion. While you don’t get any special points for controlling Orion, if you truly want to be the Master of Orion you’ve got to colonize it,. right? This image was captured by Steam user KuKuss.

‘A Giant Squid’, as we have so aptly named this screenshot is a perfect testament to the humor and character that the developers have worked hard to add to the game. The small GNN News segments that litter each match bring comedic relief during times of tension and war. It’s a welcome segment that we thoroughly enjoy seeing each and every time around. This screenshot comes courtesy of Steam user -GEM- Ω Childofdagon.

The final screenshot in this week’s showcase titled ‘Striking Down Negotiations’, comes courtesy of Steam user sgtshaggy. While this still may not seem like much, it’s a perfect reminder of not only how important diplomacy and negotiations can be, but how quickly they can turn upside down. Be careful who you trust Warrior, as you run the risk of staring down the barrel of a Doom Star’s cannon.

We love showcasing community images like the ones mentioned above. The community is a bustling place which grant us a glimpse of the kind of adventures all of you are up to at any given point in time. If you have a screenshot you’d love to see shared, or you just want to share your stories of war, be sure to leave us a comment down below so we can see check out what’s going on in your galaxies! For more epic screenshots and community creations, head over to the Master of Orion Steam community hub.