How to Lead the Darlok to Victory

Learn the inner workings of the Darlok race, and what paths you should take to victory.

The Darlok are kind of like the Brotherhood of Thieves in Master of Orion. Based around stealth, elusiveness, and their own paranoia, players picking up the Darlok mantle will want to make the most of the three traits that this race of schemers carries with them.

This guide will provide additional details about those traits and offer up some basic strategies to help you get started in the world of Master of Orion. They are also one of the most challenging races to acquire victory with, so be wary of taking on this mantle of power!

Breaking Down the Darlok

Built around stealth and scheming, the Darlok race has been a challenge for players in every single version of the Master of Orion series. Now, in the newest iteration of the series, they still offer up a good challenge, but are thankfully not nearly as frustrating to use as they were before. We’ve broken down their traits below, as well as offered up a few thoughts on each one.

  • Diplomat: Grants the Government as a starting technology, as well as +5% to the empire Morale. Races with this trait will want to focus on trade with allied civilizations and espionage with enemies. In combination with the Stealthy and Shapeshifter traits, the Darlok are some of the best spies available in the game.
  • Stealthy: Begins game with Stealth improvement for ships and -20% Mission risk on Espionage missions. This means stealing technology and infiltrating other governments will be much easier.
  • Shapeshifters: Grants +10% to Security and +25% to Assimilation Power. This trait makes invading and infiltrating other races much easier for the Darloks. It also means you will take less penalties with invading and taking over other race’s colonies.

The Darloks may be a challenge to use, but the power trio of traits they have at their disposal also make them one of the best races for high-powered espionage.

Strategies for the Darloks

Due to their stealthy abilities and the shapeshifter trait, the Darloks are excellent at invading, infiltration, and espionage. Players using this race should focus on using their spies to steal new technologies, cause riots, and create general mayhem in their enemy’s empire. Their hate for open conflict means that you’ll want to focus more on warring from the shadows, and make extensive use of their skills as hidden spies. Expansion is also something that you’ll want to focus on, as the diplomatic trait will allow you to negotiate better treaties and agreements with your allied races.

All in all, the Darlok are a fun and challenging race to place as in Master of Orion. Whenever you find yourself against this race, keep the things we mentioned above in mind, and up your Counter-Espionage as you’ll likely have several of their spies hidden throughout your empire. You also shouldn’t hesitate to make use of their skills as spies when playing as them, and make sure to focus on stealing technologies and causing mayhem in your enemy’s empire.