Gaming Nexus Revels in the Glorious Return of Master of Orion

Find out why Gaming Nexus heaped high praise on Master of Orion.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars has been hitting headlines over the past few days as websites begin rolling out their review coverage of the newly rebooted franchise. Developed and published by Wargaming, the newest iteration of the popular 4X space series takes on a new look and feel, bringing beloved series into the modern age of 4X games. Aidan Kelly, the reviewer who took on Master of Orion’s beautiful universe for Gaming Nexus enjoyed the game and heaped several compliments on the game.

During his time with Master of Orion, Aidan noted that the “…diplomacy in the game is fantastic. Really, really solid.” He emphasized during his playthrough that each AI race held up honestly to the treaties and agreements that he had put in place. Aiden even made special mention of the game’s espionage system, stating that the AI’s use of spies made counter-espionage activities a necessity. In addition, we went on to call the spies “...lethal, overpowered even” which breathes true of the game’s high-value espionage mechanic.

In the review for Gaming Nexus, Aidan brings up Master of Orion’s UI and interface and states that it “…is gorgeous and well designed” and that once you get the hang of it “the game suddenly becomes streamlined.” He also praised Master of Orion’s simplified research tree:

“I’m a big fan of Stellaris and the research available, but Master of Orion stole my heart.”

In his closing statements, Aidan points out that “the reboot is massively entertaining and often quirky at times. The game stays true to its traditional roots and does a fantastic job in such a competitive market.” He also explains that while Wargaming’s reboot doesn’t “…supply intense space battles, like Sins of a Solar Empire or Stellaris, it doesn’t have to. Instead, Master of Orion delivers an exciting universe where every action has a diplomatic action or consequence you can act on.”

Whether you’re new to the genre, or a veteran of the 4X space arena, Master of Orion has something to offer for everyone, and Aidan certainly agrees, giving Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars a total score of 8.5 out of 10.

You can check out the full Gaming Nexus review for Master of Orion by clicking here.

Header image courtesy of Steam user: NotAngryPlay