Game Informer Praises Master of Orion

See what Game Informer had to say about Wargaming’s reboot of this beloved 4X series.

Master of Orion has official released, and that means plenty of people are starting to post their reviews of the 4X series reboot. What does the press have to say about the game? To find out, we made our way over to Game Informer to learn more about their thoughts concerning Wargaming’s timely reboot, and to see how the game fairs in their eyes.
In his review, Game Informer author Daniel Tack states that “Master of Orion is an incredibly polished iteration and a worthwhile return to the beloved franchise,” and continued by saying “Master of Orion boasts a lot to love for new players, and it’s one of the best entry-level 4X games out there.”
He also goes into detail about some of the different aspects of the game including the combat, movement, exploration, and start-up process for the game. In addition, he mentions the game’s ease of entry elaborating on the fact that “Gameplay is incredibly welcoming (especially within a genre known for intimidating newcomers), with a handy advisor available to let you know what you’re missing and offer suggestions. More experienced players can turn the advisor off, but it’s a comprehensive and useful way to learn the ins and outs of galactic conquest.”
While he did have some issues with the game’s more simplistic approach to the 4X genre, Tack praised Master of Orion Conquer the Stars for its stunning visuals, high sound quality, solid voice actors, as well as the game’s extremely high replay value.
“This may be the visual high point for 4X space titles. Everything looks exquisite, highlighted by planetary colonization scenes and raucous space battles.”
Be sure to check out the full review by heading over to Game Informer!