Master of Orion is On Sale for 50% Off Right Now [Updated]

Fans looking to pick up the new game can currently purchase it for 50% off.

[Update] As of January 22 this sale has ended.

Master of Orion has already been out for several months, with thousands of players logging in daily in an attempt to conquer the galaxy. If you’ve been holding out, waiting for the perfect moment to dive in, now is definitely the time to strike.

Thanks to a special sale available on Amazon, players can pick up Master of Orion for half-off the regular purchase price on both the Standard and Collector’s editions of the game.

Master of Orion released from Early Access in August of 2016, and was quickly met with mixed reactions. Since then, Wargaming and the developers NGD Studios have worked hard to breathe more life into the game, even going so far as to completely revamp several of the game’s basic systems based on the community’s feedback.

It’s been an uphill struggle to keep everyone happy, but thus far, the developers have done a great job balancing things out and bringing new content into the game.

December also saw the release of both the Revenge of Antares DLC, as well as a massive patch, which introduced a number of significant changes into the game. You can learn more about those changes by heading over to the official Master of Orion Steam Community Hub.

With the latest DLC drop, and the changes made to the game over the past several months, there’s no better time than right now to dive into Master of Orion.

Both versions of the game are currently available on Amazon for 50% off; you can grab the Standard Edition for $15, or if you’re looking to score in-game exclusives (like the Terran Khanate race), the Collector’s Edition is available for $25.