Check Out Hadrian's New Master of Orion Let's Play

Hadrian has started a new let’s play for Master of Orion. Here are the details.

Master of Orion released it’s first batch of downloadable content on December 1, releasing the Revenge of Antares DLC. Available freely to all players, the DLC offered the return of the Antarans, an ancient evil race determined to destroy everyone else. Originally banished to another dimension, the Antarans have found a way back, and are ready to wreak havoc upon the races of your galaxy. Hadrian, a well known YouTube who often players Master of Orion, took the chance to dive headfirst into the DLC with a new game that focused around the Trilarians, one of three new races available for purchase with the new content.

Playing on Hard difficulty, Hadrian dove into the new content head first. It’s an interesting start to a new series, and Hadrian is great at going over some of the various things that new players need to know. If you’ve been looking for someone to watch play Master of Orion, Hadrian is one of the best on YouTube at the moment. He’s had quite a bit of experience with the game, and having spent a good deal of time in Early Access and onward, he’s a great source of knowledge for the base game.

You can also check out some of Hadrian’s other Master of Orion videos, some of which he produced alongside RNGMal, another well-known 4X strategy player on YouTube. Both YouTubers have a solid understanding of the game, and have plenty of good quality content to offer fans looking for guidance in the game. You should also take a look at the official Master of Orion forums to find more player tips and guides, as well as check out the other content on our site.