Master of Orion v54.7 Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about Master of Orion’s latest hotfix.

NGD Studios has released a brand new hotfix for Master of Orion, which tackles a few of the big issues that were introduced into the game with the first DLC release, Revenge of Antares. For those who haven’t been following the game as closely, some of these issues included the “neverending turn processing” bug, which locked the game up randomly after pressing “Next Turn.” We’ve included the full list of patch notes below, so take a look to see if your issue is resolved, then be sure to make sure you’re updated to the latest version.


  • Reduce size of Augmented Engines to prevent temporary weak Mrrshan destroyer

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for a hardlock occurring after hitting the “next turn” button under certain circumstances
  • Fix for custom race tooltips
  • Fix for population units disappearing during bombardment
  • Fix for captured spies outliving their empires
  • Fix for endless processing turn when invading a colony where one of your spies is assigned
  • Reduced maximum amount of minor civilizations on galaxy generation to prevent a softlock
  • Fix for Antarans fleet disappearing when they are about to attack a player's colony, after loading the savegame
  • Fix for duplicated tech icon (Survival and Battle Pods)
  • Fix for information displayed in the “show info tooltip”, when meeting the Antarans
  • Fix for a random crash when using assigning a location to one of your spies
  • Fix for missing Minor Civilizations in Cluster and Spiral galaxies
  • Localization update for “mind control”
  • Spanish LA translation update
  • Fixes for several typos throughout the game in English
  • Fix for missing notification key after colonizing a minor civilization
  • Fix for Identical key IDs for "Start Mission" and "Assign Mission"
  • Fix for truncated political status "Independent"
  • Fix for the “Mod update” option not working properly
  • Fix for “retro ship skins” option breaking the game if selected for any of the DLC races
  • Fix for specials’ tooltips showing incorrect information in tactical battles
  • Fix for the audience screen opening, when selecting AI again after clicking on Minor Civilizations.
  • Texts in “Custom Race” screen have been enlarged
  • Fix for a typo that was causing the Trilarian defeat assets to appear broken
  • Fix for minor civs protectorate race icon in Diplomacy
  • Planet names can now can occupy 2 lines.
  • Fix for a possible techtree UI breakdown when selecting “slow research” in Advance Settings
  • Added feedback to “leaders level up” selection to make the need for user interaction more noticeable
  • Fix for misaligned class type on minor civilization screen, in Russian language
  • Fix for the header not being fully displayed in the tutorial
  • Fix for wrong spy race pop up showing when a mission is cancelled
  • Fix for incomplete description in espionage pop-up and loss of "view planet" functionality

As you can see, most of the changes instituted with the update are mostly bug fixes, which will help to improve the quality of life for Master of Orion players. If you’ve been experiencing any of the issues above, make sure you’re updated, and give your game another go so you can finally finish conquering the galaxy. We’re happy to see NGD Studios working so hard on the game, and we’re positive that it has a long lasting future ahead of it.