What is the Most Versatile Ship in Master of Orion?

There are plenty of ships available for players to build, but which ones have the most to offer?

Master of Orion is full of various ships that players can research and build. From lone Scouts and Frigates, to Destroyers, Battleships, and even Doom Stars (which have the ability to destroy entire planets), the game has plenty of options for the aspiring general. But, which of these ships is the most versatile, and has the most to offer for the common player? We decided to take a look and see what we could come up with along the way.

During our look at the game, and the various ships available to players, we believe the Cruiser is the most versatile ship in the game. While it isn’t as strong as the Battleship or Titan, it offers up a resilient amount of armor and weaponry that can be utilized in all stages of the campaign. It isn’t an expensive ship to construct either, which makes it easier to obtain than heavier warships like the Titan or Battleship. It may not have the heavy firepower of a Doomstar, but it offers up enough space for additional upgrades that can help make it a vital part of your war fleet.

The Cruiser isn’t the strongest ship in Master of Orion, but by our standards it is one of the most versatile. Of course, depending on how your empire is built, the Titan or Battleship may prove to be easier to obtain than it will be for others. This is something that can change from game to game, depending on your spawn, how far you have expanded, and how many enemy fleets you’ve had to deal with. However, no matter how you slice things, as soon as you unlock the Cruiser, the additional space and upgrade room is well worth the purchase when it comes to ridding yourself of all those puny destroyers you have sitting around your empire.

What do you think is the most versatile ship in Master of Orion? Let us know in the comments below!