All Master of Orion Victory Conditions and How to Get Them

We outline all of the different ways that you can win in Master of Orion, as well as every task you’ll need to accomplish to pull it off.

Master of Orion is a simple game to dive into, but as time wears on and you dig deeper, the game quickly becomes more complex. One of the biggest points of complexity is the different paths that you can take to victory. In order to pull off one of the four main victory conditions, you’ll have to meet certain requirements and complete certain tasks. You can also win the game by having the highest score at the end of a set amount of turns, effectively giving players a total of five ways to win the game. To pull off these different tasks, you’ll need to play things smart, make the right moves, and learn the ins and outs of each and every civilization that you’re up against.  It won’t be easy, but nothing worth winning ever is.


The first victory condition is the simplest. All you have to do is build up a large fleet, then locate and exterminate each and every civilization out there. It’s a long and arduous task that is bound to make you quite a few enemies, so make sure your military might can stand up to the pressure that you’re going to experience.


After all of the civilizations meet each other, a Galactic Council will be formed. From here, votes are made to elect a galaxy-wide leader. The real kicker is that only the two most populated civilizations can be voted for, meaning you’ll need to keep your population kicked into high gear if you want to win the vote. In order to pull off this victory condition, all you’ll need to do is get elected by holding two-thirds of the galaxy’s votes. These votes are dependent on your population, meaning you’ll want to make friends with the most populated civilizations out there.

Dealing with other races is the only way to ensure a diplomatic victory.


One of the hardest victory conditions to achieve, the Economic Victory requires that the player amass a large enough amount of currency in order to buy their way to galactic domination. Certain milestones have been set along the way, and you’ll need to acquire each one, eventually making your way to the final milestone before anyone else. Maximize your productivity and spend as little money as possible along the way.


Technology pushes everything forward when following this path to victory. To meet this condition, you’ll need to discover 3 key technologies, including Multi-Dimensional Physics, Superscalar Construction, and Planar Transcendance. These technologies will then allow you to build Hyperplanar Transfer Tracking Premises, Transplanar Control Plant, and the Ultraplanar Dimorphic Prospector, respectively. This one isn’t an easy undertaking, but if you can pull it off, you’ll have all the technology you need to laugh in your opponent’s face.


This one might sound like the simplest victory condition, but in reality it is quite difficult to nail down, due to an ever changing scoreboard. To determine the victor based on Score, the game tallies all of your statistics in every other category, meaning that you’ll need to stay on top of almost everything if you want to hold the highest score until the end of the game. While other victory conditions trigger an end of the match, this particular path to victory is only brought into play when the max amount of turns (which is 500 by default) is reached. This means you’ll have to hold out for the entire match to score a win in this category.

Now that you know about each victory condition, it’s time to get out there and colonize those planets. Make sure you choose a race (or create one) that lines up with your current victory goals, and then keep plugging away at that thread until it begins to unravel. As we said at the start, winning a match in Master of Orion won’t be easy, and you’ll have to stay at the top of your game if you want to really pull it off. Don’t let that dissuade you, though. Just keep trying, and eventually, you’ll experience that sweet taste of victory.

Header image courtesy of Steam User: Ironblood™