How the Combat System in Master of Orion Works

Learn how to effectively use the combat system to overcome your enemies.

Combat is an important aspect of Master of Orion, and the latest installment in the series takes things to an entirely new level. Unlike previous titles, which featured turn-based combat similar to that of the Civilization series, Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars has ditched the old formula for a real-time strategy combat system, like the one used in the Total War series. This new combat system means that players must plan things carefully, and constantly work to take down their enemies. We’ve put together a brief overview of the combat system to help you get the hang of it.

How to Use the Combat System

When you first engage in combat, you’ll be given the option of either (1) auto-resolving the encounter, or (2) taking command of the battlefield. If you auto-resolve the encounter, you will instantly complete the fight and be taken to a results screen, where you’ll have to suffer any losses that you might have incurred without any input from your end of things. However, if you’d like to have constant input during the battle, you can choose to take command. At that point you’ll be thrown into a tactical combat window, where the combat sequence will play out in real-time.

During this time, you can issue commands to your fleet, which allows you to fully take control of the battle. Or, if you aren’t quite an expert at dealing with combat in real-time, you can choose to have an advisor help you out by making some moves for you. This will make things generally easier to keep up with. However, it should be noted that letting the AI take control can result in you losing more ships than you would have if you had simply controlled everything yourself. It is a delicate system that must be balanced, otherwise you’ll find yourself suffering defeat more often than not.

The trick to being successful in combat is to always pay attention. Make use of the time speed buttons at the bottom of the screen, and always make sure you’re keeping your fleet moving around. This makes it harder for enemies to hit you, which means your ships stay up longer. You’ll also want to make sure you know how to upgrade ships in Master of Orion, as that is vitally important to your success as a commander.

Combat in Master of Orion can be extremely satisfying, but it can also leave you a bit depressed if you don’t watch out. Losing way too many ships can be bad for your empire, so always pay attention, and always check to make sure your ships are carrying the latest weapons and armor upgrades you have available. It’s a delicate balance of strategy and sheer will to overcome your enemies, so make sure you are ready for whatever fights you get yourself into. Auto-resolving is always an option, though we wouldn’t recommend it too often as it can lead to devastating effects.